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Client Information Management (CIM)

CIM provides on-line client & prospect list management.  

Basic CIM manages names and addresses including email address and up to 5 market segments per client.  This allows you to categorize your clients for the most effective marketing.  

News CIM adds support to create and distribute your own e-newsletters.  1 e-newsletter per month, additional deliveries are $10/newsletter.

Standard CIM includes that ability to create customized mailing labels right from your desktop.  For a small additional fee, we can print and mail your labels to you.

Custom E-newsletters are created for you to your specific marketing requirements.  These e-newsletters are delivered via email to the clients on your list that you choose on a monthly or quarterly basis. The newsletter contain promotions selected from suppliers such as Online Agency*, Virtuoso* or custom promotions from your web site.  Pricing is based on standard hourly rates.

(*Additional fees may apply for membership in promotion and content programs.)

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We can automatically load your clients from ClientBase plus and many other desktop programs.  Ask us for rates of bulk loads.

Plan Pricing:
Basic $10/month
News $30/month
Standard $50/month

All CIM subscriptions have an additional $120 
setup fee.